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Mechanical engineering, like every other business pursuit, is directed to the accumulation of wealth; and as the attainment of any purpose is more surely achieved by keeping that purpose continually in view, there will be no harm, and perhaps considerable gain derived by an apprentice considering at the beginning the main object to which his efforts will be directed after learning his profession or trade. So far as an abstract principle of motives, the subject is of course unfit to consider in connection with engineering operations, or shop manipulation; but business objects have a practical application to be followed throughout the whole system of industrial pursuits, and are as proper to be considered in connection with machine-manufacturing as mechanical principles, or the functions and operation of machines..
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In the driving gearing of planing machines, conditions which favour the reversing movement are high speed and narrow driving belts. The time in which belts may be shifted is as their speed and width; to be shifted a belt must be deflected or bent edgewise, and from this cause wind spirally in order to pass from one pulley to another. To bend or deflect a belt edgewise there will be required a force in proportion to its width, and [133] the time of passing from one pulley to another is as the number of revolutions made by the pulleys.
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